Vacation’s Over for Now

Atlas & Bingley pose for the camera as they worked on Stay in their Place.

There’s no time to hit the snooze button for A+ Dog Training!  We’ll be making up the private training sessions that were postponed last week due to Thanksgiving festivities.  We can’t wait to get back into the swing of things!

Mahalo from Snoopy

Snoopy’s owners gave us a wonderful gift basket on his last day of school. We loved it, but not as much as the card Snoopy wrote to us! No matter how snippy Snoopy is, he always brought a smile to our face!

We are so grateful for our clients inviting us into their home and lives. Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

**DISCLAIMER: We did not train Snoopy how to write. 

Tom had the pleasure of meeting these two at Pet Supplies Plus in Turlock, CA, yesterday asking for donations for #campfire.  Today they went into Dollar Tree and bought about $700 worth of supplies for those affected by the fires in Butte County.  This truck load of cases was just a small amount of the donations they are sending.

A+ Dog Training would like to thank them for their service and to remind everyone to refrain from walking their dogs outdoors during the bad air days.  Our prayers go out to those affected by the fire.  We also prayer for Ryder & Cash’s owner from Diablo Grande who has left his wife and four-legged friends behind to fight the fire.

Surprise! It’s Dexter!

We stopped by Pet Supplies Plus in Turlock, CA, the other day and saw Dexter at the potty station.  When we came over to say hello, Dexter immediately remembered his buddy, Tom.  It’s probably been about a year since Tom trained Dexter so it was such a pleasant surprise!  Dexter’s a good boy.