Halloween Noise

If you know your dog has anxiety when trick-or-treaters constantly ring the doorbell:

  1. Take your dog for a long, solid walk about an hour before it gets dark.  Don’t take this time for your dog to stop and smell every tree on the block.  This is a time to let your dog drain a lot of stored up energy.  A tired dog is a calmer dog.
  2. If your dog needs to be away from the doorbell, try keeping them in a room farthest away from the doorbell with toys and soothing music.  If your dog feels safe in their crate, make sure to bring it in the room for comfort.
  3. If your dog feels the need to see who’s at the door every time, then keep your dog on a leash and have one person open the door and pass out candy while another person holds onto your dog’s leash at a far enough distance to where they can’t get to the door but could still see who’s at the door.

Education & Information is Key

SBDC hosted a workshop with Claudia Newcorn in Hughson, California today.  I attended this workshop before dog walking and training sessions because we are always trying to improve our business.  No matter how much we adjust to promoting our business through social media, it always comes back to our great clients sharing how A+ Dog Training has helped their family.  Nothing beats word-of-mouth referrals.  Thank you!

Awesome Athena

Meet Athena, a German Shepherd on A+ Dog Training’s exclusive A+ Lifetime Membership.  Some of Athena’s goals are to not chase cars, jump on people, or pull when walking.  Does that sound like your dog?  Call us today for a free consultation.  Welcome to our pack family, Athena!