Spooky Pictures


No Tongue Out Tuesday pic tonight. This one was taken at Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital Barktoberfest at Pumpkin Patch Turlock- R.A.M. Farms, Inc. Like father, like son! I tell them to act scared which was a great first shot! This second shot is of them laughing at how silly they’re being. We make great memories with Ammo.

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Halloween Noise


If you know your dog has anxiety when trick-or-treaters constantly ring the doorbell: Take your dog for a long, solid walk about an hour before it gets dark.  Don’t take this time for your dog to stop and smell every tree on the block.  This is a time to let your dog drain a lot

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Education & Information is Key


SBDC hosted a workshop with Claudia Newcorn in Hughson, California today.  I attended this workshop before dog walking and training sessions because we are always trying to improve our business.  No matter how much we adjust to promoting our business through social media, it always comes back to our great clients sharing how A+ Dog

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Awesome Athena


Meet Athena, a German Shepherd on A+ Dog Training’s exclusive A+ Lifetime Membership.  Some of Athena’s goals are to not chase cars, jump on people, or pull when walking.  Does that sound like your dog?  Call us today for a free consultation.  Welcome to our pack family, Athena!

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Lovely Lexxie


Meet Lexxie, a Wired-Hair Terrier working on dog obedience training as well as boundaries.  Lexxie’s owner would love to eventually have company at the house and with our exclusive A+ Lifetime Membership this little terrier will become the hostess with the mostest!  Welcome to our pack family, Lexxie!

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Dog Walking Service


A+ Dog Training also has a dog walking service.  Our walks are usually 20 – 30 minutes long depending on the dog’s needs.  You can choose as many walks as you need.  We can schedule them for while you’re at work or are at home recovering from surgery. When we walk your dog, we adhere

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Happy Moose Monday!


A+ Dog Training took Moose and his family to Red Robin.  Moose is ready to be a service dog and Red Robin was a test with lots of noises, smells, and yummy bottomless french fries on the ground.  Way to go, Moose.  You’re going to help your handler wherever he goes and we thank you

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Joyful Jax


Meet Jax, a Doberman Pinscher working on basic dog obedience training as well as separation anxiety and other behaviors.  Jax is one of A+ Dog Training’s exclusive A+ Lifetime Members.  Welcome to our pack family, Jax!

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Congrats, Kinders!


Congratulations to all the puppies that completed our final Kindergarten class of 2018!  These pups learned how to walk politely on a leash, basic dog obedience commands, and the difference between good play and bad play with other dogs. A+ Dog Training’s next Kindergarten class will be at the end of January 2019 at Taylor

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