A Tip for Separation Anxiety


If your dogs are destructive or suffer from separation anxiety, could it be the way you leave them?  When you give them treats and “baby talk” to them before you leave, do you notice their tails wagging in excitement and enjoying all of the affection and attention you are giving them?  Do you throw their

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Happy Tongue Out Tuesday


Celtic is very nervous in the car.  This is Ammo’s first time riding in the Dodge without his crate.  He’s supposed to help Celtic calm down but it looks like he’s just as stressed! LOL Happy Tongue Out Tuesday with love from Celtic (and the other dog that got dragged into the trip).

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Meeting Our Family at Consultation


A+ Dog Training specializes in dog obedience and behavior modification.  Many behavior issues happen at or around the house which is why we don’t own a facility.  We train clients in their homes to help them understand how and when to use the techniques.  This also eases the stress of transporting their dogs and finding

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Happy Tongue Out Tuesday, Love: Ammo


Tongue Out Tuesday is of Ammo during our wedding photo shoot at Stanislaus State. Our wedding anniversary is this Thursday. Because of our commitment and love for A+ Dog Training, we took our board & train dog with us to Geiger’s Fine Jewelry in Turlock, California, today so that GiGi could pick out “something nice”. Ellyie the “Guard Dog”

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Mahalo Means Thank You!


So far this year we’ve had 29 clients receive gives in appreciation for their referrals!  Will you be number 30? Remember, sharing your dog stories that involve A+ Dog Training and word-of-mouth referrals is the best way we keep our business going.  We always get excited and “wag our tails” when someone comes to us

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N-telligent ND


Meet ND, a Husky who likes to do Husky-like things.  With A+ Dog Training’s Calm Canine program, ND will not only learn dog obedience but that digging, jumping, and pulling on a leash are unwanted human behaviors in the home.  Welcome to our pack family, ND!

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We Saw JJ


We were on our way to run an errand at Wells Fargo in Turlock, California when we see a German Shepherd out front.  Tom automatically says, “Hey, that looks like JJ.”  We haven’t seen JJ in over a year.  Sure enough, JJ is just as happy to see Tom as Tom is to see JJ. 

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Kids Can Train Dogs Too

While Tom works with the Mom of the house, GiGi works with all four children (ages 3, 4, 5, & 6). Look for a couple of video clips on A+ Dog Training’s Facebook Page.  The 5-year-old and 3-year-old show how they’ve worked on Sit with their dog Cooper. GiGi taught them how to use their

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On Patriots’ Day


We will never forget.  Let’s take time out of our night to pray for the survivors from 17 years ago.  May the Lord bless America and the brave first responders who worked tirelessly searching for survivors.  We remember the working dogs that smelled so much death and destruction on that day.  We pray for peace

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Providing Peace at the Dog Park


For those of you that are wanting to take your dog to a dog park but aren’t sure about it, I’ll post some pictures of the signs/rules posted at the Dog Park on Countryside Drive in Turlock, California.  They will be on A+ Dog Training’s Facebook Page tonight at 8:00 P.M. A+ Dog Training can

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Spectacular Skye


Meet Skye, a McNab whose goals are to stop jumping on people and have a solid recall.  With A+ Dog Training’s Calm Canine program, Skye is going to be able to come back with distractions all around him.  Welcome to our pack family, Skye!

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