A Tip for Separation Anxiety

If your dogs are destructive or suffer from separation anxiety, could it be the way you leave them?  When you give them treats and “baby talk” to them before you leave, do you notice their tails wagging in excitement and enjoying all of the affection and attention you are giving them?  Do you throw their ball a few times for a game of fetch and then lock the door behind you?

You could be getting your dog in an excited state of mind and then leaving them when their energy is so high.

Try calmly giving a quick pat on the head and saying goodbye.  Don’t make your process of leaving feel like a big going away party every time.

Meeting Our Family at Consultation

A+ Dog Training specializes in dog obedience and behavior modification.  Many behavior issues happen at or around the house which is why we don’t own a facility.  We train clients in their homes to help them understand how and when to use the techniques.  This also eases the stress of transporting their dogs and finding a babysitter.  Children often run around in the house causing their dogs to chase and we want to show everyone in the family how to live together peacefully.

Because you invite us for training sessions into your home, we want you to get to know us first and invite you and your family into our home.  We provide Scooby Snacks (graham crackers and fruit snacks) and water for those that come straight from picking up their kids at school, those that come straight from work, or for those that are emotional or nervous eaters. 🙂  You meet Tom whom you will mainly be working with and GiGi who manages the business.

This is a picture of Tas at consultation.  Tas’ owners wanted to meet our dog so we brought him out for a meet and greet as well.  Our Labrador, Ammo, helps when another dog is needed (e.g. socialization, mocking as a neighbor walking their dog in front of your house and your dog barks at the door, etc.)  Ammo knows that when he meets smaller sized dogs he needs to lay down to their level and sniff.  He’s a good boy.

If you have any further questions about our consultations or about us, feel free to email at lee4dogs101@gmail.com or message us on Facebook at A+ Dog Training.