Puppy Social Tomorrow at 2:00 P.M.

Get advice from a professional dog trainer, be around other puppy owners that are going through the same things you are, and be able to take a one hour break from the chaos your puppy is causing. This is when you can take a step back and enjoy watching your puppy interact with other non-fully vaccinated puppies in a controlled environment. Puppies can teach each other so many things in an hour’s worth of play compared to a week’s worth with their owner. Let’s make it happen!

Saturday, August 11, 2018 from 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Taylor ER Veterinary
Cost: $25 per puppy (cash or check made out to A+ Dog Training)
(For puppies who need to be socialized but have not fully been vaccinated yet or up to one year old).

Cost may be waived depending on Taylor ER Veterinary’s Puppy Plan.

It’s not too late to join! Come a few minutes early to sign in at Taylor ER Veterinary (209-669-8600).

Don’t Forget: Pack Walk This Saturday 9 A.M.

We will pretty much take the same route as last month for this Saturday, August 11th’s Pack Walk at 9:00 A.M.

Weather.com says it’s going to be a high of 99 degrees F in Turlock, California this Saturday so let’s get our dog walking in early.  We’ll make sure we walk in the shade and we more likely won’t walk for a full hour.

Bring bags for waste and a non-retractable leash.  Please make sure each dog is handled by one adult for the safety of everyone.

Come and go as you please; and bring all of your friends and family.  This will be the last walk before school starts for some families! 🙂

Pack Walk This Saturday at 9:00 A.M.

If your goal is to enjoy walking and socializing your dogs, this is your perfect opportunity…because it’s free! GiGi will be leading the walk with a rottweiler puppy who’s on her last day of her board & train.  Tom will be in the back and middle with A+ Dog Training’s Labrador, Ammo.  Come join us for a walk and meet other dogs and dog owners.

Walks last from 45 minutes to one hour with open sidewalks and lots of garbage cans for potty breaks. Come and go as you please!
Meet at the corner of Monte Vista & Crowell Road at CSU, Stanislaus in Turlock.

Bring bags for waste. NO retractable leashes. You can bring as many friends as you want but for safety, only ONE dog per person please.

Sweet Shamrock

Meet Shamrock, a rottweiler on A+ Dog Training’s most exclusive A+ Lifetime program.  Shamrock lives in Diablo Grande, California.  His owners chose the Lifetime program for the unlimited classes.  This means that whenever they’re in Turlock with Shamrock, they’re free to drop in for a class!  Welcome to our pack family, Shamrock!

Sweet Sadie

Meet Sadie, a German Shepherd puppy on our exclusive A+ Lifetime program.  Sadie loves jumping on the kids in her new pack family and A+ Dog Training is here to help communicate to her that it’s not okay.  We’ll be able to teach the kids how to be responsible for Sadie and train her with confidence.  Welcome to our pack family, Sadie!

What To Expect with A+ Dog Training

A+ Dog Training always offers a free consultation, which seems to be valued at about $90 currently amongst other trainers in the Modesto and Turlock areas.  Our consultation is so that you could, first and foremost, get to know Tom as a trainer and how well his personality will work with yours and your family’s.

During the consultation, we go over a checklist to get to know your dog’s history, present behaviors, and current goals you would like to achieve with your dog. This is how we can help you determine which program works best to reach your goals and work with your budget.

Sometimes people begin the consultation assuming that obedience training is the only training a dog can learn, other than tricks.  But it is difficult to train a dog to Stay in their Place/Bed while guests come to the house if they don’t learn how to keep calm in the presence of such a strong stimulus with the excitement of guests.

Our programs incorporate the best of both obedience and behavioral training by including obedience classes and private training sessions into one program.  But if your goal is solely to work on obedience while out in public, we offer the classes separately.

Because A+ Dog Training’s main focus is to help you have peace in your home, our services cater to your goals, needs, and even your schedule.

Pool Safety is a Must for Dogs

Finding the steps on his own is a must as it could one day save Jorge’s life.

Yes, most dogs can naturally swim on their own without panicking. It is our job to train them on how to find the steps to get out of the pool without our help. This could one day save their life.

For more information on specific tasks or goals you have with your dog, or for more information on dog obedience training call  209-985-7898 to set up a free consultation.  Dates and times about the consultations in Turlock, California can also be found on our Calendar page.


Junior High has Moved to Pet Supplies Plus

Annie would like to remind all Junior High students that the class has been relocated to the air conditioned store of Pet Supplies Plus in Turlock, CA.  Get ready for some intermediate leveled dog obedience training!

We’ll see you at 7:00 P.M. this Thursday.  Please bring your usual treats and bags for waste.  And if you forget them, you could buy them there before class starts!