Graduating Dogs in Elementary

Congratulations to our most recent Elementary class that completed today.  There were a total of 16 dogs enrolled in this class with a handful of shy and nervous dogs.  But look how far they’ve come in five weeks!  Almost all that were in attendance were comfortable enough to have their dog Sit Stay close to each other for a picture.  And most of the dogs are looking at the camera!  Hip Hip Hooray!  See you in Junior High (or another Elementary).

Ruff Ruff Rocky

Meet Rocky, a Labrador training with our most popular Calm Canine program.  Rocky’s owners attended a dog obedience class we offered in Modesto back in 2013 with another dog.  But it was a friend of theirs that referred us to them this year.  We’re so happy to be working with his owners again!  Welcome to our pack family, Rocky!

Keep Up the Great Work!

There are a handful of dogs in Elementary that are there for the sole purpose of learning to be calm around other dogs.  They practice and work on obedience training in the comfort of their own home with Tom during their scheduled private training sessions.

The weather has been outstanding and only two cones’ tops have been chewed off at Monday night’s Elementary class.  We call this success!

Tongue Out Tuesday

Happy Tongue Out Tuesday from Ammo (left) & Barley (right)!

A+ Dog Training will be offering free consultations this Thursday, May 17th, Wednesday May 23rd, and Saturday June 2nd.  Call or message today to book your free consultation!  Spaces are limited.

Radiant Raven

Meet Raven, a Goldendoodle working on dog obedience training and obeying the children in the family.  With A+ Dog Training’s most popular Calm Canine program, Raven will be doing all of that – and learn how to be a calm Goldendoodle.  Welcome to our pack family, Raven!