Follow Sadie

Have you been following Sadie’s progress videos on A+ Dog Training’s Facebook Page?

Sadie’s owners have immersed her in dog obedience training and behavior training.  This pup is afraid of people and slowly gaining trust as her owners socialize her in so many different environments.  This is Sadie meeting our Labrador, Ammo.  Ammo gives Tom the opportunity to be close to Sadie without causing her anxiety.


A+ Dog Training has been blessed by so many of your referrals! We’ve been focusing on little gifts of gratitude for those that have sent clients our way. And if we haven’t seen you or your dog in a while, we mail you a thank you card.

And yes, we even trained our Labrador Ammo to sign the card. 😉 He especially loves the referrals.

Charming Chief

Meet Chief, a German Shepherd whose goal is to Stay on command.  With A+ Dog Training’s most popular Calm Canine program, Chief will master a lot of the basic dog obedience as well as unwanted behaviors such as digging and jumping.  Welcome to our pack family, Chief!

Cute Kapua

Kapua is from Modesto and on our most popular Calm Canine program.  Kapua joined A+ Dog Training to work on a few behavior issues as well as basic dog obedience training.  Did you know that Kapua means “the flower” or “the child” in Hawaiian?  Let’s give a big ALOHA to Kapua and welcome to our pack ohana!