Puppy Obedience Training 2018

Congratulations to A+ Dog Training’s first graduating Kindergarten class in 2018!

As you can see, the puppies haven’t fully learned to stop being so curious at least long enough for a group picture!  Maybe they just need to mature a little more and take our Elementary class in the spring!  Two other doggos were absent for this picture at Taylor ER Veterinary in Turlock.

Super Sadie

Meet Sadie, a black Labrador training out of Waterford, California.  Sadie’s owners have trained with their other dog Jake, a Boston Terrier and Jack Russell mix, back in 2012.  Like humans, every dog has their own personality and way of learning.  A+ Dog Training is here to help whenever and which ever type of breed you have.  Welcome to our pack family, Sadie!

Dynamite Dexter

Meet Dexter, a Rhodesian training with his sister Sadie in our most popular Calm Canine program.  Dexter loves his bones a little too much and is afraid of loud noises.  Don’t worry, Dexter, A+ Dog Training is here to communicate when it’s good to protect your belongings and when it’s okay for your owners to protect you from loud, scary noises!  Welcome to our pack family, Dexter!

Sweet Sybbie

Meet Sybbie from Oakdale, CA.  This yellow Labrador is not only obedience training, but learning how to manage her energy and behavior as well.  Young Sybbie is taking advantage of A+ Dog Training’s A+ Lifetime program.  Welcome to our pack family, Sybbie!

Loving Dogs the Healthy Way

Sometimes we equate feeding with love and we tend to offer treats when we feel guilty for not spending enough time with our dogs.  Don’t fall into this trap!  Feeding “people food” or table scraps and too many dog treats leads to obesity in dogs which can contribute to hip and GI problems in the long run.

Instead, take your dog out for a walk or a hike.  Take out the brush for a relaxing grooming session.  Schedule training sessions with A+ Dog Training for you and your dogs to accomplish a particular goal.  Your dog would rather be spending time with you than eating the day away.

Reagan is Ready

Meet Reagan, a Yorkie training in our Calm Canine and Puppy Exclusive package.  Reagan found us from his friend Annie, a Boston Terrier from Hughson, CA.  It looks like Annie’s parents will be getting a gift for appreciation from A+ Dog Training soon!  We hope to see Reagan & Annie at one of our dog obedience classes together.  That should be fun!