Holiday Helper

Christmas decorations are still up! We took our Labrador to West Main Post Acute Center right after one of the wings had just finished a Christmas party. I think this Lab was more interested in all the cookie crumbs in the dining hall than anything else! As much as GiGi tried to stop it, the patients didn’t mind Ammo “giving their hands kisses” and helping them “clean up” after the party. 🙄

If any of our past and present clients would like to join GiGi and Ammo and spread some cheer to patients, please let us know.  The more the merrier!

Happy 7th Birthday, Ammo

Tom grew up with country dogs in Delhi and, for most of his adult life, handled dogs worth $30,000+ that had particular jobs to do.  GiGi, on the other hand, grew up with little rescue dogs that her family spoiled and clothed.

Ammo, their English Labrador, combines Tom’s and GiGi’s worlds.  They got him as a puppy which showed Tom how hard it can be for people like GiGi to have the patience and endurance to raise a puppy.  Tom has learned how to be a bit more relaxed on family road trips with the dog, because…well…he wasn’t a $52,000 GSD investment.  Because he is still a working dog for A+ Dog Training, Ammo doesn’t go to dog parks and pick up on bad habits.  Instead, he goes on walks with every breed imaginable and takes an annual trip to one of the best pet expos in California.  GiGi has learned not to spoil her dog with unhealthy table scraps but to spoil him with walks, runs, and training.  And although Tom doesn’t think a Valentine’s tutu is something they should train the dog to wear, training him not to remove his reindeer antlers for Christmas events for the business is okay.

Ammo has taught Tom & GiGi to communicate through their differences and to compromise on what would be best for everyone in the family.  This technique has been introduced to many homes with dogs and family members at their wit’s end with their goal to having a peaceful home in mind.

It is with this post that A+ Dog Training would like to wish Ammo a Happy 7th Birthday!  Tom & GiGi thank God that Ammo was born and brought into their lives and they wish him many more birthdays to come!