A Win-Win-Win-Win Dog Training Program

Whether you are a part of our exclusive A+ Lifetime community or sign up for our Delightful program, A+ Dog Training donates $12 of your payment to Military Working Dog Team Support Association, Inc. They provide care packages to military working dogs and their handlers which is something both Tom & GiGi love supporting. Please visit their website if you’d like to contribute more.

A+ Dog Training also buys Tango Yankee Chip to give to each of our clients as they sign up for a private training program. Tango Yankee is radio speak for Thank You and is our way of showing our appreciation for our company and for your donation to MWDTSA. We purchase these specific coins because the money we spend on them goes towards helping veterans suffering from PTSD with suicidal tendencies.

When looking for the right trainer for your dog, get to know the trainers – what they believe in, their integrity, and work ethics. This is why A+ Dog Training offers a FREE consultation. We want you to get to know us first before making a commitment to bringing us into your home for several weeks/months of training, not just take your money.

By signing up on one of A+ Dog Training’s private training programs, it becomes a win-win-win-win situation!

Celebrating Veteran’s Day with Your Dog

The City of Turlock encouraged residents, businesses, and civic organizations to display the American flag.  Their goal was to have 1,000 flags displayed by Veteran’s Day.

Since Veteran’s Day is upon us, A+ Dog Training encourages you to take your dog out for a walk with your children in your neighborhood and count how many flags you see.  This will be both fun and educational for your kids, and…well…Fido gets to walk with their family!

For those of you (like us) without children, this walk just gives you more of an opportunity to bond with your dog.  Every time you see a flag, have your dog Sit, Stay, then give your release command to keep walking.  If you see someone outside near their flag, have your dog Down, Stay, then give your release command to keep walking.

Remember, walking is an important part of your and your dog’s health and well-being, so why not make it fun?!

Veterans Helping Veterans

Mike Ritland is a Navy Seal Veteran and author who, like Tom from A+ Dog Training in Turlock, transitioned what he learned as a U.S. K9 handler to dog training in the civilian life.  Tom & GiGi had the honor to listen to Mr. Ritland speak at Modesto Junior College last Monday.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who serve our great country.  We couldn’t be prouder!

One Hour Club

Ok, it is cold enough here in Turlock, CA.  I finally added the last bit of pictures from August’s Pool Social to our Facebook Page.  Don’t forget to check it out!

A+ Dog Training’s One Hour Club is a private session catered to the host.  Invite your friends with dogs to your choice of place and host a training session that your dog – and their companions – can benefit from.

‘Tis the season for family gatherings and hosting holiday parties.  Wouldn’t it be nice for a change to see all of our relatives’ dogs get along peacefully?  After all, it’s the season of peace, joy, and memories!  You can host a “trial run” of having dogs at your house as though the family was coming over.  We’ll give you tips on when to let the dogs loose or put them in another room to relax.  We’ll train the dogs to be away from the dining table and from Uncle Fred’s spoiling hands with fatty leftovers that are toxic for your dog.  And if you can’t find enough friends or family members that could meet for your One Hour Club, don’t worry, we’ve got lots of clients that would love to attend.

Call Tom for more details at 209-985-7898.

A Dynamic Duo

Meet Ty, a black Labrador training with his sister, Sage the Shepskie, on playing nicely together.  Ty heard about A+ Dog Training through Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital in Turlock.  Sage is working very hard on not stealing Ty’s food.  Thank you, MVSH, and welcome to our pack family, Ty & Sage!

Exquisite Earl

Holli with Earl completed A+ Dog Training’s Elementary Class this past September in Turlock.  Some of you from the class might remember this little Shih Tzu – Lapso Apso mix constantly barking during class.

Holli signed up Earl on our beneficial Calm Canine program.  Tom knew that exposing Earl to other dogs is the best way to eliminate his obsessive barking and had Earl jump right into a class.  Earl couldn’t stay too long in class because Tom didn’t want him to be too stressed out and they have since been privately training where he gets all the one-on-one attention he needs.  We can’t wait to see Earl in another class after winter so be on the lookout for his progress!

With A+ Dog Training’s Calm Canine program two classes are combined with multiple private training sessions.  Call today to see if this program is right for you!


Pearl in the Pool

Pearl, the wire-haired Griffon, wants to show off her water skills with you!  Pearl joined A+ Dog Training on a One Hour Group Club:  Pool Party in August.  This was her second time this summer at our Turlock pool party and she is really a great swimmer.

Visit Pearl on A+ Dog Training’s Facebook Page and search for the August 2017 Pool Social Album.

Share Your Peace With Others

It’s the first Saturday in November which means there are only seven Saturdays left until Christmas.  People are rushing and have many things on their mind so traffic is horrendous…yes, even for us in Turlock.

Aren’t you glad Tom from A+ Dog Training comes to you?  He makes dog training hassle free.  You don’t have to rush to get home from work, scarf down some food, load up your dog, and meet a trainer at their facility.  You can schedule your training after work and after dinner.  Tom will meet you at your door with a calmness and peace that only he can bring, and share that with your excited dog.

Can you relate?  Have you driven home from work or after secret holiday shopping trips from the kids and was grateful that A+ Dog Training was coming to you?  If so, please share that with someone else who has a dog.  It’s the best way that you could show A+ Dog Training your appreciation!

Here’s to a peaceful and stress-free holiday season!