Bubbly Bruno

Bruno’s owner was looking for Labrador training when he saw A+ Dog Training’s car around Turlock.  If you’re out with friends and family and see our car, let it be a reminder to boast about how well your dog’s training is going!  We’d love the referral.  Please welcome Bruno to our pack family!

Dog Obedience Class Held at a Turlock Park

A+ Dog Training’s basic obedience class starts tomorrow from 6:00 – 7:00 P.M.  It will run for the next five weeks at Dale Pinkney Park in Turlock.  From Christoffersen Parkway, turn north on Colorado Avenue and east on Moonbeam Way.

Please bring to the Elementary Class your dog on a non-retractable leash, treats, and bags for waste.  This park does have potty stations and a drinking fountain.  We will provide a bowl of water for the dogs.

Last Dog Obedience Classes in 2017 Start Tomorrow

August 2017’s Junior High class graduated with flying colors.  Check our more pictures from this class at A+ Dog Training’s Facebook Page.

We will have our last set of classes for 2017 starting this week.  They are all held from 6:00 – 7:00 P.M. at a new park location:  Dale Pinkney Park in Turlock, CA.  It’s still not too late to add your dog into the class.  Please call 209-985-7898 for more information.

Please Do Not Pet

It is always important to ask before petting someone’s dog – no matter how much of a dog-lover you are!  😊

But remember that as cute as Moose is, or any service dog for that matter, you have to keep in mind that the dog is working while out in public with their handler and you might want to refrain from petting them.  By asking the handler, you could put them in an awkward position of not wanting to deny you your affection for dogs.  However, their dog is working and in training while in public.  The dog must understand when it is time to relax and get petted, or be on alert for whatever service they help their handler with.

Don’t feel bad for these working service dogs.  Believe me, if they are anything like Moose they get lots of love, affection, and treats from their family at home and when they are not working.

So, this post is just a reminder that you must always ask to pet a dog; but, it might be best to not pet a service or working dog when you see them in town.

Dog Training for Life

Our A+ Lifetime Program is just that, a training program that lasts for the life of your dog.  Because “life happens” and you never know what the future holds or how your dog will adjust,  A+ Dog Training is here for you!  Call 209-985-7898 to set up a FREE consultation and get more details on all of our programs.