Train Your Dog Not to Steal

Today A+ Dog Training’s Elementary (Basic Obedience Class) in Turlock is training their dogs how to Leave It.

Leave It is an important command and can be applied in many life circumstances.  Instead of yelling at your dog to drop your pair of Gucci shoes, you can prevent it as they walk by the tasty pair.  We are constantly training our English Labrador to Leave It (which is basically anything he sniffs) in his new backyard.  While shopping at your local pet store or hardware store, practice Leave It with your dog.  This command could potentially save their life from consuming something harmful like a pack of gum on the coffee table or cherry pits on the ground.

The following pictures are when Ammo and I were walking and he spotted another dog’s toy at the end of their driveway.  Ammo wanted to steal it, but Leave It was all I needed to tell him to prevent him from such a criminal act! Haha

Hughson 4H Dog Project a Success

Another way A+ Dog Training gives back to the community is by volunteering their time preparing Hughson’s 4H kids with their Dog Obedience & Showmanship competitions held at the end of the school year at the Stanislaus County Fair.   We train children of all ages with breeds of all kinds like blue heelers, rottweilers, poodles, Dalmatians, and golden retrievers.  The kids train their dogs on how to sit, heel, stay, down, and recall.  They also learn how to show their dog and can enter the Showmanship competition as well.

We hope you enjoy viewing this album in our Facebook Page as much as we enjoy teaching kids!

Dog Walker – Neighborhood Watcher

As Ammo tries to find a way to drink from the City of Turlock’s broken sprinkler without getting his ears wet, I called 668-5590 to report the location of the sprinkler.

Walking doesn’t just create a stronger bond with your dog.  It also doesn’t just help with your and your dog’s health.  Walking your dog around the neighborhood gives you a purpose in your community.  It is then when you meet and greet your neighbors, observe any suspicious activities, and report broken sprinklers to the City when they would otherwise not know that it was broken.

One time while I was working a dog walking service in a neighborhood on the opposite side of town, I walked by a car that had its window smashed in.  I knocked on the house and the resident already had called Turlock PD, but thanked me for being concerned.

As dog lovers, we should remember to smile as we walk (and talk) to our dogs.  Loving our community is just a part of the dog walks!

Monthly Pack Walk is This Saturday 9 A.M.

Ammo and the poodles (Mya & Walter) would like to remind everyone that the Free Community Pack Walk is this Saturday from 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. We meet at the corner of Monte Vista Ave. & Crowell Road at CSUS in Turlock.
Please be ready to show us a bag for waste. You can bring as many friends and family members as you’d like, but for the safety of others please handle one dog each. Also for safety, NO retractable leashes. Other than that, come and go as you please!

Dogs Sharing Beds

When other family members get a dog, it is important to introduce the dogs in a way to where everyone will get along.  The last thing A+ Dog Training wants to hear is that you can no longer visit your friend or family member because your dogs don’t get along.

Call A+ Dog Training for a free consultation to see how our programs can cater to your goals.  Training could start at your home, theirs or with neighborhood walks; and end with a family barbecue!  Call now before the holiday season sneaks up.

(Ammo and his rescued “aunt” sharing beds on a weekend trip to Nana’s).