Zero’s a Hero


Zero the Husky is a part of our most popular Calm Canine program.  One of Zero’s goals is to understand how big he is compared to other pets and children so he doesn’t play too rough with them.  With that goal in mind, Zero will become a family hero in no time!

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Good Evening, Rooster!


Believe it or not, this puppy’s goal is to stop jumping and nipping.  Sounds like a rooster…. I mean…. Sounds like a Labrador…. I mean… This Labrador’s name is Rooster! Haha  Let’s all give Rooster a big A+ Dog Training welcome!

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Dog Walking Service Available


Another academic year is quickly approaching.  Lucifer, the German Shepherd, would like to remind you that A+ Dog Training has a special Dog Walking Service for only $15 per 20-30 minute walk. For the teachers that are preparing their classrooms and curriculum, please prepare for the change in season and who will let your dog

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Puppy Parties with A+ Dog Training


  Get advice from a professional dog trainer.  Be around other puppy owners that are going through the same things you are and be able to take a one hour break from the chaos your puppy is causing.  This is when you can take a step back and enjoy watching your puppy interact with other

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Hola, Carmen!


Carmen is a mixed breed from Chichicastenango, Guatemala.  This Chichicasteca mix is part of our most popular Calm Canine program.  We hope Carmen will love her training as much as she loves ham bones! LOL

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Cayenne & Rosemary Are at It Again


Cayenne and Rosemary need to get comfortable being around people.  What better place to hang out and see people than at your local Target department store!  Target covered their red ball with Mario & Luigi so A+ Dog Training thought it was a great photo opportunity! Where do you train your dogs?  Think outside of

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We Love Lucifer!


This German Shepherd might have a name that makes him sound destructive, but Lucifer is a great dog and we are so glad to have him in our Calm Canine program at A+ Dog Training.  Let’s give Lucifer a LIKE to say Hello!

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It’s Your Doo-ty, Pick it Up


I thought I’d take a picture of the fine sign posted around Turlock.  “Failure to carry an instrument to immediately remove feces and properly dispose of it will result in a fine.  Violation:  $50 / $100 / $200.” A+ Dog Training encourages responsible dog ownership.

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Why A+ Dog Training’s Puppy Social?


July’s Puppy Social is this Saturday, July 8th, from 2:00 – 3:00 PM at Taylor ER Veterinary in Turlock.  A+ Dog Training provides owners with an opportunity to show off their puppy to the public and find out more about their dog’s personality.  Puppies should not be outdoors until they’ve completed their vaccinations.  But we

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