Leo Looks Lovely

Leo is a GSD from Turlock in our Delightful Program.  Leo’s owner knew about A+ Dog Training from when he trained his other dog Cecil with us in 2016.  A+ Dog Training has been around long enough to see repeated customers with new dogs.  Welcome to the family, Leo!

Career Day Gets an A+ with a Dog

A+ Dog Training was invited to attend Patricia Kay Beaver Elementary School’s Career Day.  We told students of grades K – 6 the importance of staying in school and living out your dreams.  Ammo, our Labrador was petted by about 125 students that warm day which earned him a cool bath at home!

Have a great summer, kids, and if you get bored, ask your parents to sign you and your dog up for an obedience class over the summer!

A+ Dog Training Gives Back

A+ Dog Training would like to thank all of our 2017 clients that signed up for either a Delightful, Calm Canine, or A+ Lifetime Program.  Together, we donated $204 to the Military Working Dog Team Support Association (MWDTSA).  The money will go towards care packages to working dogs and their handlers that are serving our country.  Please take the time to visit https://mwdtsa.org/ and pray for the teams that are bravely keeping us safe.