Train Your Dog Everywhere

One of the first things we did after moving was walk our dog, Ammo, around the new neighborhood.  We figured out where the best places to stop on our walks were.  Fortunately, there is a Turlock City path with potty stations.  We walked him daily for the first week covering the neighborhood so that he also familiarized himself with how to get home in case he was ever loose.

There’s a park by our house that also has a potty station.  When no children are at the jungle gym we take Ammo up the stairs and over the bridge.  The bridge moves a little and that spooks Ammo.  This is a great time for our dog to trust us and bond with him.

Where do you take your dog for a walk?  What type of outside-the-box training can you think of?

Congratulations Junior High Class of 2017

Congratulations to A+ Dog Training’s most recent Junior High class of 2017.  Our Junior High class held at a Turlock neighborhood park is our intermediate obedience class.  The only prerequisite is that they take either our Kindergarten (basic puppy obedience) or Elementary (basic obedience) class.  If your dog has had basic obedience training in the past somewhere else and you think they are ready for intermediate training with us, call us for a free consultation and we could suggest which of our classes is the right fit.  We are open-minded and encourage everyone to keep training their dogs!

Please visit A+ Dog Training’s Facebook Page for videos of this class.