Training at the Pet Store

Have fun with your training.

Try taking your dog to Pet Supplies Plus in Turlock for socialization.  Our Labrador, Ammo, walked right by the line of dogs out front waiting for their vaccinations.  We walked through the aisle of treats and worked on Leave It.  Then we checked out the Igloo Crates.  Giving your dog the Kennel command and watching them obey and trust you is a great feeling!

Life Application:  When traveling this summer with your dog, you might have to put them into a crate or kennel that they are not familiar with.  Instead of struggling by pushing and pulling your dog in, use your Kennel command that you’ve practiced at Pet Supplies Plus on weekends!

Way to Go, Moose!

Moose is becoming that lovable service dog that his handler wants and needs.  GiGi was so proud of Moose’s training that she had to take a selfie with him!

Your dog can be well trained if you keep up with the homework that Tom gives you.  The more consistent you are with your training, the more obedient your dog will be.

Obedience Command: Stay

Akila is sporting her pink bed and working on Stay at home.

Keep working on Stay at home and for longer amounts of time.  Then sign up for one of our spring dog obedience classes and practice Stay at Four Seasons Park in Turlock where there will be so many outside distractions to work with.  By summer, you’ll be confident and ready to take your dog on family trips!

Looking Forward to High School Medals for Dogs

As Ambassador of A+ Dog Training, our Labrador named Ammo is sporting the new class medals each dog will receive after completing our High School Class.  You and your dog must always think safety first! Imagine being able to stop your dog from crossing a busy and noisy street by a single motion of your hand. Train your dog to stay in one place around crowds. High School classes are offered at Four Seasons Park in Turlock this summer.  Visit our Calendar of Events Page for more details.

Puppy Tongue Tolerance

Whether it’s in Turlock, Modesto, or Hughson puppies are always sticking their tongues out at Tom when he tries to take their picture!  Call A+ Dog Training for a free consultation and meet Thomas Lee.  He’s a Military K9 Handler Veteran and his integrity stands out above the rest.  He’ll train your family and your dog on how to communicate well with each other in order to have a peaceful home.  Puppies might stick their tongue out at him, but the humans in the house will be all smiles!

Another A+ Lifetime Member

Thucydides the Doberman is on our special A+ Lifetime Membership.  As Thucydides the Historian would say, “The secret to happiness is freedom… And the secret to freedom is courage.”  With his lifetime program, this dober will learn how to use his courage and resolve his separation anxiety issues.

German Shepherd Found Us Online

Meet another German Shepherd pup named Maya.  Maya is on our Calm Canine and Puppy Exclusive program with one of her goals to not bark at cats.  Maya’s owners found A+ Dog Training online.  For those of you in the Turlock and Modesto area, please give us a review on Yelp, Thumbtack, Google Business and share our posts on Facebook.  Thank you!