Pack Walk Routes


Pack Walk January 2017

The routes that we take at CSUS in Turlock for our monthly Pack Walks are designed for dogs with all levels of training.  If your dog is shy or nervous around other dogs, feel free to walk in the back of the pack where Tom usually is or off to the side in the grass or paved areas.  There are many shortcuts you can take that will give your dog a break.  For example, as we walk around a pond, you can give your dog a rest and meet back up with us and your dog could still see the other dogs from afar.

Feel free to comment or call us if you have any questions before taking your dog to one of our free monthly Pack Walks.  Also, I just added more pictures from January 2017’s Pack Walk to our Facebook Page for everyone’s enjoyment.

Kindergarten Registration Today at Pet Avenue

Clark is on a mission to tell the world about how fun dog training is.

Clark is on a mission to tell everyone about how much fun Kindergarten was and to hurry up and register your dog for the March 9th class.

Please bring proof of current vaccinations and  cash or check for $140 to Pet Avenue located at 2445 Geer Road in Turlock on either today, February 26th at 3:30 or Friday, March 3rd at 5:30 P.M.  We will only be there for an hour, so come out to Pet Avenue, sign up your puppy, and buy some treats at the store!

Please note:  $140 fee may be waived depending on your private training program.

Things to Do with Your Dog in Turlock, CA

Turlock’s Salvation Army Kettle Dash & Doggy Dash 2017

Did you and your dogs miss out on Turlock’s Salvation Army Kettle & Doggy Dash today?  No worries, A+ Dog Training’s Free Monthly Pack Walk is coming up on March 11th at 10:00 A.M.  Keep working with your dog around your neighborhood then join us and about forty other dogs and handlers on the 11th!

Please stop by A+ Dog Training’s Facebook Page to view more pictures in our Places to Bring Your Dog & Meet the Trainer Albums.

Turlock’s Salvation Army Doggy Dash Tomorrow

Is your dog bored? Thor would like to remind everyone to come out for Turlock Salvation Army’s Dog Walk at 9:45 A.M. tomorrow, Saturday, February 25, 2017.  A+ Dog Training will be there signing people up for the next Kindergarten class coming up and to answer some of your dog training questions.

We encourage you to register your dog for the Doggy Dash at or at 7:30 A.M. on the day of.  Don’t forget to stop by at our booth and say hello!

Follow Moose the Rottweiler

Meet Moose. He is a Rottweiler training to be a service dog for his owner who is a Military Veteran. A+ Dog Training started by helping to pick Moose out from the litter on November 10, 2016. Moose’s first training began on December 29, 2016, and will forever continue as he is an A+ Lifetime member. Follow Moose’s journey to becoming a service dog.  The album Follow Moose is on A+ Dog Training’s Facebook Page.

Throw In The Towel

The forecast calls for rain until Wednesday in Modesto and Turlock.  A+ Dog Training would like to share a little tip and remind you to keep a towel by the front door just in case you need to wipe your dog’s paws and fur before coming in.

If you choose not to walk your dog for the next few days, you can always walk them up and down the stairs or stimulate their mind with hide-n-seek or a game of Timed Down Stay in various rooms alone.