Free Community Pack Walk Tomorrow

If your goal is to enjoy walking and socializing your dogs, this is your perfect opportunity…because it’s free! A+ Dog Training wants to get to know you, your family, and your dog! Come join us for a walk and meet other dogs and dog owners. Walks last from 45 minutes to one hour with open sidewalks and lots of garbage cans for potty breaks. Come and go as you please!

At this walk we will celebrate A+ Dog Training’s 5th Anniversary by handing out stickers to all who join the walk!

Meet at the corner of Monte Vista & Crowell Road at CSU, Stanislaus in Turlock.

Bring bags for waste. No retractable leashes please. You can bring as many friends as you want, but for safety only one dog per person please.

Time to Put the Decorations Away

As much as we enjoy the beautiful decorations and as much as our Labrador enjoys dressing up with his annual reindeer antlers and staring at the lights, it’s time to take it all down and pack it away.

As we begin thinking about how to resolve our new resolutions in 2017, make your dog and A+ Dog Training a part of it by joining in our monthly Pack Walks and other services.

American Kennel Club’s Top 10 Dog Names in 2016

Male Dog Names Female Dog Names
1.      Max 1.      Bella
2.      Charlie 2.      Lucy
3.      Buddy 3.      Daisy
4.      Cooper 4.      Lola
5.      Jack 5.      Luna
6.      Rocky 6.      Molly
7.      Bear 7.      Sadie
8.      Duke 8.      Sophie
9.      Toby 9.      Bailey
10.   Tucker 10.   Maggie

This is the top ten list of male and female dog names in 2016, according to the AKC.  What did you name the puppy you got for Christmas?  We’d love to meet them at A+ Dog Training’s next Puppy Social on January 14, 2017.  See our Calendar of Events for more detail.