Buster’s Mischief


This photo is a screenshot of a text from Buster’s owner.  Buster started a new habit of grabbing food off of the counter and burying them in the flower bed outside.  He doesn’t eat them, he just has a new obsession of burying things! As our dogs mature, they can take on new and unwanted

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Got a Dog; Life Still Goes On


We’ve noticed that 2016’s holiday season (and as the storms keep hitting Turlock) there have been many dog owners sick, their family members with the flu, and even some hospitalized.  Our clients would be conflicted with keeping a dog training appointment or trying to get over a lingering cold. With A+ Dog Training, there is

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Puppy Class Starts Friday


Today we signed up dogs for our Kindergarten class at Panera Bread in Turlock.  There are so many puppies enrolled that we will be having a small size class at 6:00 p.m. and a big size class at 7:15 p.m.  Classes are held at Taylor ER Veterinary. It’s not too late to enroll.  Call A+

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Welcome, Boomer!


Boomer, the nine-month old chocolate Labrador, is in our most-sought after Calm Canine Program.  One of Boomer’s goals is to relax and get along with Luna, the family’s cat. If you’re in the greater Turlock area and looking for dog services, call A+ Dog Training at 209-985-7898.

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Free Community Pack Walk Tomorrow


If your goal is to enjoy walking and socializing your dogs, this is your perfect opportunity…because it’s free! A+ Dog Training wants to get to know you, your family, and your dog! Come join us for a walk and meet other dogs and dog owners. Walks last from 45 minutes to one hour with open

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Time to Put the Decorations Away


As much as we enjoy the beautiful decorations and as much as our Labrador enjoys dressing up with his annual reindeer antlers and staring at the lights, it’s time to take it all down and pack it away. As we begin thinking about how to resolve our new resolutions in 2017, make your dog and

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American Kennel Club’s Top 10 Dog Names in 2016

Male Dog Names Female Dog Names 1.      Max 1.      Bella 2.      Charlie 2.      Lucy 3.      Buddy 3.      Daisy 4.      Cooper 4.      Lola 5.      Jack 5.      Luna 6.      Rocky 6.      Molly 7.      Bear 7.      Sadie 8.      Duke 8.      Sophie 9.      Toby 9.      Bailey 10.   Tucker 10.   Maggie This is the top ten list of male and

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