Buster’s Mischief

This photo is a screenshot of a text from Buster’s owner.  Buster started a new habit of grabbing food off of the counter and burying them in the flower bed outside.  He doesn’t eat them, he just has a new obsession of burying things!

As our dogs mature, they can take on new and unwanted behaviors.  Call A+ Dog Training for all of your dog training needs.

Got a Dog; Life Still Goes On

We’ve noticed that 2016’s holiday season (and as the storms keep hitting Turlock) there have been many dog owners sick, their family members with the flu, and even some hospitalized.  Our clients would be conflicted with keeping a dog training appointment or trying to get over a lingering cold.

With A+ Dog Training, there is no need to feel conflicted.  What sets us apart from other companies is our flexibility in scheduling.  We understand about last minute company Christmas parties, catching the flu, or the rain flooding your backyard.  We don’t want to train your dog during those times either!  J

Our mission is to create peace in the home.

That doesn’t just mean training your puppy to stop jumping on your five-year old.

It also means giving you that time to comfort your child with a cold instead of training your dog.  We are fine rescheduling a week later – or whenever everyone in the family is healthy again.

So, why choose A+ Dog Training?  Because we treat your family like our family and understand that life happens!  And, you shouldn’t have to lose out on money with a dog training company because of it!

Puppy Class Starts Friday

Today we signed up dogs for our Kindergarten class at Panera Bread in Turlock.  There are so many puppies enrolled that we will be having a small size class at 6:00 p.m. and a big size class at 7:15 p.m.  Classes are held at Taylor ER Veterinary.

It’s not too late to enroll.  Call A+ Dog Training at 209-985-7898 before 5:00 p.m. tomorrow.  Some of you have classes included in your private training program and don’t need to pay!

Welcome, Boomer!

Boomer, the nine-month old chocolate Labrador, is in our most-sought after Calm Canine Program.  One of Boomer’s goals is to relax and get along with Luna, the family’s cat.

If you’re in the greater Turlock area and looking for dog services, call A+ Dog Training at 209-985-7898.

First Training & Consultation Pictures are Hard to Take

A+ Dog Training offers a free consultation where we go to your house and can evaluate your dog’s behavior, drive, and how they learn.  You can get to know us and our personality.  This is also where we can discuss your training goals, our prices, your budget, and any behavior issues that need immediate attention.  Because each dog has their own issues, temperament, and personality we can’t give exact prices over the phone.  But unlike our competitors, our consultation is free.

Here’s a picture of Angel during her first training.  We try to take a picture at the first training, but sometimes the dogs aren’t ready and we have to take multiple pictures!