Gift Certificates Available

A+ Dog Training in Turlock caters to all of your dog’s training and behavior management needs.  Prices will be going up in 2017 so give your friend, neighbor, and family members a great gift.

We have gift certificates available for any monetary amount.  They can be redeemed for anything from private trainings, group classes, to dog walking.  Call A+ Dog Training at 209-985-7898 to get your gifts in before Christmas!

Jethro is a Member of A+ Dog Training’s Calm Canine Program


A+ Dog Training would like to recognize Jethro and his owners Dennis & Barbara.  Jethro has been to many of our Pack Walks around Stanislaus State in Turlock and participated in one of our obedience classes.

Pet Avenue recommended A+ Dog Training to Dennis and Barbara and we are so glad that they did!  We enjoy training this pitbull / labrador mix with our most popular Calm Canine program.

Traveling Essentials for Dogs


‘Tis the season to travel back to your home town and stay with family.  When I brought our Labrador, Ammo, back to my mom’s I remembered all of the essentials (e.g. food, brush, bowl).  But there was one thing that I forgot and that was comfort.  Dogs are creatures of habit.  For your dog, it could be the taste of Turlock or Modesto’s tap water, and you’ll need to bring canisters of it or they won’t drink for an entire day.  For other dogs it could be the time change and missing their usual afternoon walk when traveling.

For our dog, it was furniture!  You see, Ammo has a dog bed downstairs, upstairs, and if that wasn’t enough he had the comfort of carpet in our office and master bedroom.  But at my mom’s house there is only wood floors and tile.  The rules at Nana’s is that Ammo isn’t allowed on human furniture.  So when I forgot to bring one of his huge dog beds – or even his blanket…he steals my mom’s little Westie’s dog bed!  In this picture he seems comfortable, but it took him a while until he finally just plopped down and is hanging over the small dog bed!

So let this be a reminder to you (and definitely for me), that a part of the traveling essentials for dogs is also comfort! 🙂  Happy Holiday season and may you be safe in your travels.

Playing with Puppies Relieves Stress


When you bring your puppy to one of A+ Dog Training’s Puppy Socials at Taylor ER Veterinary in Turlock, you not only get to enjoy seeing your puppy’s personality come out but you also get to be around other puppies that want to be held.

Amanda brought Clark to August’s Puppy Social and it looked like Brandy wanted to snuggle up with her new human friend too!

See more pictures of our monthly Puppy Socials at A+ Dog Training’s Facebook Page.  Join us for our next Puppy Social in January for only $25 for the hour!