Loose Leash Walking


We wrapped up week two last week in the sweltering heat, but we survived with plenty of shade and water.  This week Elementary will be learning how to walk their dog with a loose leash, so don’t forget to bring some comfortable walking shoes and water!

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Potty on Command


Raising dogs in my early years consisted of memorable walks, cuddling, and potty training.  Yes, I knew that it was important to house train the dogs, or… expect mom to yell.  But it wasn’t until I raised Ammo with Tom that I valued the importance of consistent, proper potty training which led to Potty On

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Dogs Afraid of Going Through Doors

Doors at Home Depot Click on the link above (Doors at Home Depot) to watch Tom build confidence on going through various doors. Our Labrador was once afraid to cross from our bedroom door to the office door.  Now, he can go through all sorts of doors and while walking in a strip mall will

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Pack Walk Tomorrow

Our Free Community Pack Walk is tomorrow, Saturday, July 16, 2016 from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.  We meet at the corner of Monte Vista Ave. and Crowell Road  at CSU, Stanislaus. Please bring bags for waste, a NON-retractable leash, and the entire family!  Come and go as you please. Also tomorrow is our Puppy Social

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Celebrating Obedience & Independence Weekend


Holly and her family completed A+ Dog Training’s Elementary class and is ready to use their training over the Fourth of July Weekend. Remember, walk your dog before they start to show signs of anxiety due to the fireworks.  Use obedience to distract them from the noises and around people you are celebrating with.  Don’t

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What Drives Your Dog to Train Well?

Felix and His Rope A positive reinforcement does not always mean to feed your dog a lot of treats.  Some dogs are ball driven, toy driven, or praise driven.  Some dogs would even be happy just feeling you pat them on the back. Click on the video link entitled Felix and His Rope to see

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