Dogs and Children Can Live Peacefully

Bell working with hyperness around children

I have been reading a few recent articles about dogs attacking children.  Our programs are designed to train your dog to live peacefully with babies.  Yes, dogs are animals and accidents can occur.  However, A+ Dog Training is there to show dog owners how to prevent unwanted situations and even train your children how to be a responsible dog owner.

Our A+ Lifetime Program is exciting because our families never know exactly when they’ll be expecting a new addition to their family.  It could be a year after training with them that we’ll receive a call and come back to train and prepare their dog to its new boundaries with the nursery, smells, and sounds of a baby.  We even have a CD specializing in training your dog!

If you are ever nervous about having your dog around the baby or children or if your children are too afraid to perform dog chores (walking and feeding the dog), please don’t hesitate to call A+ Dog Training.  It is never to late.

Bell June 2016 We received a text message that shows Bell inside the house on her pillow for the past 20 minutes. She is staying and her owner is enjoying her company.

It is the consistent effort that Bell’s owner puts in which creates a habit for Bell.  With consistency in training, your dog can be just as calm as Bell in the house, which is crucial for withstanding the summer heat and Fourth of July fireworks.

Let us help you with your dog’s unwanted behaviors and obedience training.  Call A+ Dog Training today.

Calm Cooper Reminds Dog Lovers About Fireworks

Cooper's Tongue's Out

Fireworks can generate fear pet symptoms such as howling or barking, excessive salivation, urination, an urgency to flee, and in most cases attempt to damage nearby objects.

Cooper would like to calmly remind all dog lovers to be mindful of their dogs this Fourth of July and if you need assistance preparing your dog for loud fireworks, please call A+ Dog Training at 209-985-7898.

When Obedience Classes Don’t Cut It

Elementary May 2016

Obedience classes are great for socialization and obedience, but what do you do when you have a dog that is afraid of something?  How can you help your dog overcome their fear and live a stress free and peaceful life?  Call A+ Dog Training at 209-985-7898.

We’ve helped owners show their dog how to overcome their fear of the vacuum, blender, and even human males that wear a hat!  We will help you find the trigger and show you how to develop patience and trust with positive reinforcement.  And as an extra value to our private training programs, you can also take your dog to one of our obedience classes for free!

Dog + Cat = A Happy Human Home

Shane _ Sofie 3

Our programs are designed for your goals and for you to have peace in your home.  Shane and Sophie are learning how to live together respectfully.

If you are from the greater Turlock area and would like to train your dog on specific goals with a little help from a professional, call us for a free consultation at 209-985-7898.

Start Your Training On the Right Paw

posted on June 21

A+ Dog Training would like to remind you that a puppy doesn’t understand human etiquette when they first join your home.  Be consistent and patient when setting the rules and boundaries.  How you teach your puppy over the next few weeks will make things easier – or harder – for the rest of their life.  If you need help, call us at 209-985-7898.

Father’s Day, BBQ, and Hungry Dogs

Dot from Turlock

Dot from Turlock would like to wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day.

If you’re having a family barbecue this weekend, please keep in mind your dog’s training.  Have your dog lay down and stay beside you as you eat or put them on their bed or place.  Remind your guests not to feed them human food so that your dog is not begging all the time and avoids an unexpected vet bill.  Start your dog on a leash as people enter your home so that they don’t jump on your guests or bolt out the door.

The more your dog’s training is consistent during the party, the more fun other parties will be once they learn their boundaries.

Have fun this weekend and enjoy making memories with dad, grandpa, and the dog!

A+ Dog Training Encourages You to Walk Your Dog

Capone & GiGi

Benefits of walking your dog:

  • Keeps your dog healthy. By controlling their weight, you can lessen stress on their hips.
  • Keeps you healthy…walking is great exercise and a form of mediation
  • Releases a lot of stored energy and will calm your dog or puppy

A+ Dog Training also offers a dog walking service for when you can’t walk your dog.  Call 209-985-7898 for more information.