Since spring and summer time is coming up, start training to get healthier and to get better command of your dog.  The first week of March, train your dog for at least 5 minutes of sit, down, stay and come each day during week one (also walk for at least 30 minutes).  The second week, train your dog at least 10 minutes of sit, down, stay, and come each day during week two (walk at least 35 minutes).

The third week, train your dog at least 15 minutes of sit, down, stay, and come each day during week three (walk at least 40 minutes).  The fourth week, train your dog at least 20 minutes of sit, down, stay, and come each day during week four (walk at least 45 minutes).

Each day you can do more than the time I gave you if you would like to.  This will only get you and your dog healthier and a better bond.  On the walks, if your dog can’t walk as far or you are having a hard time walking longer distance, then walk what you can.  At least you will get you and your dog out in the fresh air.

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Kettle Dash Home Page

The Salvation Army Kettle Dash 5K, 10K and Dog Walk

A+ Dog Training will be supporting this event.  Please visit our booth.  Meet Tom, GiGi, and their Labrador Ammo.  Ask questions about your dog and see what services we could provide for you and your dog.

We hope to see everyone at downtown Turlock tomorrow morning.  Registration starts at 7:30 a.m.

Source: Kettle Dash Home Page

Expensive Dog Bill!!!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, we would like to warn any dog owners of a very expensive weed that comes out during the Spring and Summer time.  This weed is known as the Foxtail.  Anyone that lives around fields or out in the country would know what we are talking about.

Vets around the valley have told us that they get 3-4 cases a day dealing with the pesky foxtail.  The foxtail can be ingested or burrowed on the dogs fur (either way can be very painful for the dog and very painful for the owners pocketbook).

We suggest you keep your pets away from the foxtail as much as possible.  After a walk, check your dogs fur for the foxtails by rubbing your hands on your dogs body.

Foxtails can be very deadly in the Turlock and Modesto Valley.  This part of the foxtail shown in the picture was ingested by a dog.  It was a very expensive process for the Vets to find the foxtail inside the dog.  Please do not let this happen to your pet this Spring or Summer.

Foxtail 2

Valentine’s Doggie Day

Valentine's Day

A+ Dog Training would like to remind you to keep your jewelry and chocolates up and away from your dog as they can be harmful to their health.  The cost of jewelry is one thing, so you don’t need the added cost of an x-ray at the vet to see the necklace in Fido’s stomach!  I like to eat a few sweet treats and leave them on the coffee table.  Remembering to put the candy away when we’re done not only helps keep us healthy (out of sight – out of mind) but will keep our dog from having to visit the vet from chocolate/candy poisoning.

Being taken to a night out in Modesto, or a sunset walk with your loved one and four-legged friend are always great ways to make memories.  And, we were blessed to have Valentine’s Day come on a Sunday when so many of us already have the day off.

But, A+ Dog Training would like to tell you that we love you and all of your family members – even the four-legged candy thief, so much to please be mindful of the deflated balloons and wilted flower petals that can happen at the end of this week.  We want to keep your dog healthy and spend more quality time training your dog!

New Puppy in the Household!!!!!!!

Did you get a puppy for Christmas and your family was excited?  Has the excitment of having a puppy worn off?  Now all they do is nip, jump, bite, chew and go to the bathroom everywhere.  If this has happened to you, then we can definitely help you.  Call/text us at 209-985-7898 for a free consultation.  We are here to help make your house a more peaceful home.  We serve the Turlock and Modesto surrounding areas.

Bunker with Snowperson

Pack Walk!!!!

Good morning, today is the Free Community Pack Walk.  We will walk at 10 am and meet at the corner of Crowell and Monte Vista.  Make sure you bring some warm clothes since its suppose to be only 47 degrees at 10am and 52 degrees by 11am.  Also, please bring poop bags in case you need them for your dog.  We will be walking about 2-2.5 miles and it usually takes about an hour.  Have fun and see you out there.

A+ Dog Training.

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