St. Patrick’s Day Pinch

St. Patty's Collars

All day long children couldn’t wait to pinch me – but I was wearing green for St. Patrick’s Day.  Tonight, I thought I’d re-post about the most popular question, “Is a pinch collar right for my dog?”

Anyone that has taken personal training from A+ Dog Training knows that much like the pinch collar (aka prong collar) and the head halter (aka Gentle Leader) can either improve or harm the dog’s well-being.  Much like humans, not one dog is the same.  What might work on your border collie might not work on your friend’s border collie.

For example, I might suggest to a 110 lb. owner that is not confident handling an 82 lb. German shepherd that bolts, how to use a pinch collar.  I might suggest to a client who is a linebacker on the football team to stop using the Gentle Leader on their Doberman pinscher because he is snapping their dog’s neck during corrections.  And, I might suggest a simple slip leash to an owner with a great command voice.

It is not the tool that you use; it is the knowledge of handler that uses it.  A+ Dog Training makes sure that we get to know the client’s personality and the dog’s temperament before training and training tools are used.  And like humans, dogs could vary in their drive and discipline.  A flat collar could be used at a party, but a hike in Yosemite might call for an obedience chain.

Perhaps this is why you do not hear about trainers informing handlers online about how to use a tool correctly.  A+ Dog Training, and more likely most trainers, would rather show a handler how to use a tool.  This also gives us the opportunity to train with the proper tool for your particular dog.

On our free consultations, we answer any questions that you have.  Sometimes potential clients will ask if they are using a certain collar or leash correctly.  We want you to know that it is important to ask a professional trainer on the use of any tools for your dog.


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